Fuengirola became famous for its nightlife after the 1960’s. Many young people booked a summer break to the seaside resort during the summer season. Today, Fuengirola still has a wide range of clubs.

Going out for young people

The teenagers and twenties among us can build a nice party in the nightclubs in the city center (Calle Martínez Catena). In this lively street it is always busy during summer. Heaven’s Gate is the greatest recommendation. For this underground disco with contemporary (Spanish) music you pay €10 entrance, for which you can get 2 free drinks. In addition, you get a stamp, so you can walk in and out of the club all night! The same applies to the big Discoteca London. Just down the road (Paseo Marítimo Rey de España) is the modern club The Old Town. For this beautiful club you do not have to pay an entrance fee.

The party really starts around 02:00 and lasts until the early morning.

Older generations

Next to Heaven’s Gate are Oxid Karaoke Bar, and the small but cozy The New Tramps Pub. These clubs are less focused on celebrating teenagers and are thus more accessible to all ages. In addition, many bars are spread throughout the city center, where you can enjoy an alcoholic drink until twelve o’clock. Partygoers with a slightly larger budget will feel at home in the luxurious Ocean Drive Lounge Bar and adjacent Karbon Club.